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NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an Emeryville, California based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, focused on developing novel, fast-acting, synthetic anti-infectives compounds. These compounds are designed to mimic the body's defense system against infection. The company is currently focused on products for the eye care market. Major products include Avenova, cleared by FDA for lid and la


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is discriminatory and aggressive. Does not listen and never open to constructive criticism."

Former Employee - Field Sales Representative says

"No clear direction for this company. Upper management has no integrity and treats employees with disrespect. This small of a company should not have the lack of communication, lack of direction or lack of transparency. I am very disappointed in the leadership. This is a great product and could be very successful with the right leaders in place...and the current leaders are not providing the support to make that happen"


"Plenty of them, what a crap company. Can't get their act together, don't look for a job here, every day is a new horror story"

Former Employee - Medical Sales Representative says

"Check out their stock: NBY. Upper management has a very low level of integrity. Employee morale was low since everyone felt they had little job security. Quick to hire new employees who exceeded expectations only to let them go due to no fault of their own."

Former Employee - Executive Assistant says

"Pay: Extremely Below Current Market Value Ethics: Ron Najafi, CEO, is known to host dozens of "business dinners" dinners multiple times a month. All these business dinners just happen to be located in the small city where Ron resides. Inappropriate behavior considering the NovaBay's current business state - or lack thereof. Forcing users to take time out of their day to attend a ceremony Persian New Year is not only offensive, but insulting. If the CEO wants to celebrate Persian New Year, the reset of the staff should be allowed to celebrate their version of new year. We tried setting up a program that would allow us to be more diverse, but the CEO found it to be a "productivity waster." How is attending Persian New Year acceptable, yet attending celebrations from other nationalities a productivity waster. While not easily offended, Ron tends to bring 'God" into meetings and not in a good way. He's made statements such as "If you can't figure it out, get God on the phone!" This happens during company meetings regularly. CEO insists on buying supplies from his other company that is run by his wife when NovaBay can save at least 50% (actual number) buy purchasing supplies from another party. All this does is pad the CEO's pocket, twice. Since his wife "runs" the Cplabsafety, they are essentially being paid twice over. How is this not a SOX violation. How can this be legal? If not illegal, it's in a poor taste and ethics. - Un-ethical conduct at corporate level: CEO & CFO full of lies to employees. CEO is all about taking care of himself, but puts up a façade that he cares about employees. - CFO, Tom Paulson, is nothing more than a yes man that does his absolute best to ensure the CEO keeps him employed. The term "brown nose" is an understatement. The CFO loves to spend company funds on non-work related items. Jawbone bracelet that measures sleep patterns, - Extremely poor example of a leader. Favoritism within the EC and board members. - CEO micro manages every aspect of the company. - Job Security - I was constantly threatened with termination if I did not bring the CEO a chocolate chip cookie every morning upon his arrival. Yes, a cookie. - Terrible communication and poor execution of projects with current business partner, Galderma. - Company Ownership needs to change hands. Current ownership is taking what use to be a good company and running it into the ground."

Vice President Research says

"Poor science, insecure management (some, incompetent too)"

Current Employee - Corporate Parts Manager says

"No room to move up"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-- Company lacked vision and financial forecasting -- Mediocre marketing materials -- You always had a feeling that this company and sales force would end very abruptly and it did. -- Not a very technical product so there wasn't much transferable skills to bring to my next job."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"little to no room to move up"

unknown (Current Employee) says

"This place is a disaster. CEO is half in and half out. Recent hires have absolutely no eye care experience. All the good people are being run out. It would be best to steer clear of this company as they really do not have an idea of what they are trying to do.nothingeverything"

Territory Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are seeking stability, career growth, and fair/ competitive pay please look elsewhere. This company has a great product but they lack infastructure, a pipeline, and quality leadership. This company has mismanaged their finances from the beginning and are now trying to make up for it by intimidating their salesforce instead of providing adequate resources. This product is not covered by formulary and worst of all Novabay lays off employees every year.There are zero prosUnfair and unequal pay, zero pipeline, limited opportunity to grow"

QA Associate II (Current Employee) says

"A company that is trying to increase revenue and grow. It has chosen to focus on the sales force but it may need to focus more on different components of the product to improve it. Certain employees do not fit their roles and adequately perform their job well while others take up their slack and do more than they should. Overall, the people are nice. It's difficult to grow in this company. If you're happy in a job position where you're happy doing the job you're hired for and have no interest in being promoted to a higher title, this will be a good place for you.nice colleagues, easy commute, free parking, gym membershipsalary and growth"

Chief Commercial Officer (Former Employee) says

"Start up business with inadequate resources to grow the business. Management continued to make changes in an effort to change the outcome with little or no effect."